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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm baaaaackk!!

Well I had to go on a hiatus from Weight Watchers for a bit because I was pregnant but I'm happy to announce that Brandon Kyle is here!!  Just before I got pregnant I gained quite a bit of weight because of stress.  Once I got pregnant, I gained 19 pounds.  I'm not at the weight that I was when I originally started WW but I'm close enough.  I always said that I would go back to WW as soon as I had the baby and I'm so glad that I stuck to it and was motivated to come back.

During my pregnancy, I let myself eat what I wanted.  I can't believe I only gained 19 pounds and I was mostly belly.  My pregnancy was very kind to me.  Even though I made poor food choices when I was pregnant, I didn't eat much.  I never felt like I needed to "eat for two"and I wasn't very hungry.  Well now that I'm breastfeeding, the hunger is here!!  I am so hungry all the time!  When I wake up to feed the baby at night, my tummy rumbles and I have to have a snack.  I am burning 500 calories a day just breastfeeding so that makes sense why I'm so hungry.  The key to being on WW and breastfeeding will be making the right choices with all of this hunger.

I went to a new meeting today.  Unfortunately, Kerri my leader is no longer leading meetings so I had to find a new meeting.  Kerri recommended Kathy on Thursday nights so I gave it a try.  I brought Brandon to the meeting and he was quite a hit.  Kathy was so sweet and loved him right away.  The meeting was busy enough and they were very interactive.  Kathy seems like she'll be a great leader.  I'm so happy that I found a great replacement meeting.  I'm glad I don't have to try out a bunch of meetings.  I will definitely return next week.

It will be difficult to get back in to the swing of things because the last nine months, I've allowed myself to eat what I want without a thought.  I'm allowing myself to take it easy the first week and try to get used to being on the program again.  I won't be super harsh on myself.  Also, I don't want to lose weight too quickly because it can effect my milk supply.  So this week I will focus on getting the house more WW friendly and get back in to tracking.

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