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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starting to become routine

So I had trouble waking up again today. I’ve been trying to wake up and get up and to work by 08:30 now. I made it by 8:40 today so not bad. But one thing I’ve been really proud of is that I have been eating breakfast every day. Even though I was so tired this morning and wanted to get to work so I could get home earlier, I still took the time to make sure I planned food for the day and got breakfast ready. I haven’t really had time to make my eggs lately so I’ve been making oatmeal with milk and berries. So good and actually really filling!
Today is Wednesday which is normally my day off but I am at work. Jenn asked if I would change my days off cause there was a MANDATORY meeting today from 1200-1500. A 3 hour mandatory meeting?! What could this be about?! Well we got an email yesterday saying lunch will be provided so now I’m thinking it’s a “thank you” celebration for helping with trainer appreciation last week. Great! I’m sure there will be more mickey premium bars to me to avoid! It’s really nice of them to do this and old Eileen would be really excited about it because of the food but new Eileen is excited for the challenge of seeing how I’ll respond to this challenge. I brought my own lunch (lentil soup! Yummmm!! And a hot dog) plus some snacks for later on in the day. I’m not sure what the lunch is today but this could potentially be the first day that I will be in an awkward social situation because I will be eating my own food. I just need to remember that I am so proud of my decision. I chose to eat healthy today. And I am so awesome for that!! :)

Last night, for whatever reason, when I got home I was starving!! SOOOOO HUNGRY!!!! I haven’t felt that way since I joined WW. I tried my best to make good decisions for dinner. All the chicken is frozen, rice would take too long to cook, and I needed something now. Also, it was already 7pm. Kyle and I are doing our best to try and not eat so late. I was so hungry I even went as far as looking at the nutrition facts at Chic Fil A. OMG! It would have been 18 points for nuggets and fries. Kyle wasn’t much help cause he really wanted Chic Fil A too. He said I should get the kids meal so it would be fewer points. I would still be hungry though. And I don’t need that bad food, especially not in the beginning. So I said no, we’re going to make a pizza! (I’m proud of myself though for not actually going to Chic Fil A and then finding out what the nutrition values are. I at least looked online first. And btw, a large cookies and cream shake which I have enjoyed on many occasions…. 19 POINTS!!! WOW!!!! Maybe I’ll just have a sip of someone else’s if I’m having a craving!)

So I got out the whole wheat pizza crust (15 points for the whole thing! Not bad when you cut it into slices!) and the sauce (very low in points, maybe 1 pt. for the whole thing) and the fat free cheese. Then Kyle suggested we put veggies on it. I am NOT a fan of veggies on pizza. To me, pizza’s a pig out food, no veggies! Gross! To me that’s like putting fruit on desserts. What’s the point of having dessert then if you’re going to put healthy stuff on it! But I thought, this is new Eileen and I am going to put veggies on my pizza. Kyle spread the sauce and cheese while I cut up green pepper and onion. I loaded my half up with the veggies. You could for sure tell which half was mine. I even asked Kyle to put a little more sauce on my half cause I wanted the tomatoes. Well as I’m taking the pizza out of the oven it smelled heavenly! (btw- I had a bag of popcorn while waiting for the pizza to curb my starvingness into hunger.) I never thought that I would think veggies on a pizza would smell good! NEVER! So I cut it up in to slices and thoroughly enjoyed my 2 slices! So delicious! I also really seasoned it up with thyme, garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper. Then for dessert I had Publix ice cream that’s made with Splenda and a little whipped cream on top. It was only 2 points! I ate the ice cream right out of the measuring cup. So all in all a great night, even though I was starving when I got home. It’s all about knowing how to handle those situations.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starting to become routine- pt. 2

Jenn said to me was “we at least have fruit”. I appreciated that she was looking out for me. But I really kept thinking about how proud I was of my decision to eat better. So as people were in line for tacos, I made my way over to the microwave to heat up my soup. It wasn’t awkward at all. But I was prepared for when we all sat down to eat, that’s when it would be obvious that I had something different. I didn’t know what to say if someone asked though. I really thought that the ladies from F&B would say something. They have a comment about everything. It would have been something simple like “Eileen, why you ain’t eating tacos?” I didn’t know what to say back. I mean really I wanted to say “well I have made a change in my life and I care about what I eat” but I obviously wouldn’t say that out loud at least. So I’m going to ask Thaty what she thinks she would say in that situation.

Thaty said I should just say “I’m on a diet” or “I was really looking forward to what I brought for lunch”. I think that’s what I’ll say. Either of them works and really, it’s none of their damn business.

So here are a few things that I am looking forward to losing weight for:
  • Crossing my legs

  • Having more stamina with Kyle

  • Fitting in my clothes better

  • Having a slimmer face

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5.4 pounds down, only 94.6 to go!

So last night was my second WW meeting and after weigh in, I learned that I had lost 5.4 pounds. I was excited but I don’t know, I feel like I just wasn’t 100% excited. I am really proud of myself for changing my eating habits. And I know 5 pounds isn’t a whole lot but I can honestly feel it. I feel it around my stomach the most which is the BEST. Also, I notice it in my nails. No my nails aren’t losing weight but, they’re just so much stronger and healthier. And the white is so white now. That’s cool to see that change so quickly. I painted them last night so when I take the polish off in a week it’ll seem even more white cause I’m sure they’re only going to get even stronger and whiter. But back to my 5.4, I don’t know if I was expecting more or what. But the thing is, that’ll probably be the most I lose in a week ever. I kinda think I’m just not super, super excited because I’ve lost a big number at week one before. I’ve been excited about the 5.4 pounds before. I just want to know what is going to be different this time.

I was on the WW website and I was reading people’s blogs and thinking about yesterdays WW meeting. Everyone is talking about how you can still eat the foods you like, but just in moderation. It really got me thinking. I love Five Guys. When I’m trying to eat healthy, I need to stay really super far away from Five Guys. Those burgers are so delicious and a million points! But then I started thinking even more! So if this is going to be a total lifestyle change, I need to realize that there is another Five Guys burger in my future because that is something I’m not willing to give up for life. So I could maybe eat half a burger and work it in to my points. I could even add the fries in but just make sure I don’t overdo it. I think I’m getting it. I will continue to eat super healthy for now while my will power is really strong but I will eventually work in foods that I love. Honestly, I’m feeling better about things just typing this blog. I can’t wait to have half of that Five Guys double cheeseburger! (I know it would make more sense to have a whole single cheeseburger but I LOVE biting into a double.)

So I have set goals. My 5% goal is 12 lbs. My 10% goal is 24 lbs. And my total goal is 100 lbs. That’ll put me at 143 lbs. That sounds perfect to me and is right in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height. Also, 143 means I love you. :) So I’m only 6.6 lbs. away from my first goal. I’m sure I will achieve that in the next 2-3 weeks. I think it’ll take me 2 years to get to my ultimate goal. I hope it doesn’t take much longer but if it does then it does. I can’t give up! I can’t wait to be a lifetime member. Maybe I can make a career out of it. Be a full time mom and a part time leader.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Will this will power last?!

So I have been really great about the Mickey Premium bars in the freezer but then last night, when I was the only one left in the bungalow, I wanted to sneak one so badly. Who am I sneaking from? The answer is myself. But it was just weird that that was my first thought as soon as the last person left. I even went as far as going to the freezer to look at them. I fortunately stuck to my guns and didn’t have one but I was still disappointed that that’s the first thing my mind went to. That’s a behavior/thought I will need to change. Imagine I lost a few pounds, doing well, then the pounds start to plateau and I am getting discouraged. I don’t think I would have been able to stay away if that was the case. Well, good that I realize it so I can start changing.

Last night I made my mom’s lentil soup. SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!! The recipe called for 1lb of hot Italian sausage, OMG! That would have killed the soup on points! So I omitted it and instead threw in some more lentils. And then I added some chili powder cause it didn’t have the kick I like without the sausage. Oh man it is so good!! I guess it would be good too with a pound of ground turkey but I love it just as it is. It makes 10 cups. I put it in 5, 2 cup containers and their each 2 points and very filling. 6 of the items in the recipe are filling foods too! I can’t wait to have it on cold nights but until then, I’ll eat it at my desk with the fan on.

So I got really great news yesterday that Thaty is going to the WW meeting with me today!!! She said that after seeing me so excited, passionate, and motivated about the program she just had to join. That makes me feel really good! That motivates me to keep going too. I understand that the Monday meeting isn’t convenient for her and that’s okay if she’s not there but I just love knowing someone’s in the same boat as me. We can share recipes and tips. And also call each other in times of need. Like when I really want a mickey premium bar. :)

Today I went for another 25 min bike ride around the studios with the office. Franklin didn’t come this time so I played the role of out of shape fat girl. I don’t know what it was about today but I was huffing and puffing before we even got to the half way point. And I was really, really far behind Theresa and Jason. I got a little discouraged but then I remembered that I did it yesterday, I can do it today. I also thought about how proud of myself I would be when I was done. So I kept going. I didn’t care that I was so far behind because I was at least out there and biking the same distance as the others. I really did want to quit soo badly! But I did it! My legs were like jell-o afterwards but I did it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Four and Going STRONG!!! pt.2

So the office is boring and slow today and I didn’t get to ride my bike today cause we parked backstage so I asked the office if they wanted to go for a bike ride. Surprisingly, they all said yes! No one ever wants to bike with me! So we left gathered up some good bikes and rode all the way to Fantasmic, up over that nasty hill, and down the other side to Oscars. Then we turned around and went the other way, up the other hill. My legs started to burn on that second hill. As we’re headed back to the bungalow, I said “Let’s keep going to costuming”. So we did! We biked to costuming and right around the LMA area I was getting pretty tired. I was winded and starting to sweat but I kept going cause I just thought about how much better this is than sitting and doing nothing at my desk. We made it all the way to costuming and then back to the bungalow. When we got back we realized we were gone for 25 mins! That’s so awesome!! And… they all said they would go with me again tomorrow!! It’s nice to have someone that wants to bike with me! It’s such great exercise. Woo hoo!

So after the bike ride I drank 4 glasses of water. I wasn’t too hungry at first but about an hour ago I got snack hungry. I have 94% fat free popcorn on my desk and carrots and cucumber in the fridge. I thought for sure I would go for the popcorn but I went for the cucumber. Who am I?! It’s funny that you can sometimes even surprise yourself. I mean really, I love popcorn and it doesn’t feel like diet food but I never thought I would pick the cucumber instead. I REALLY hope these awesome habits stay!

Day Four and Going STRONG!!!

I’m enjoying another strawberry bar today. Fortunately there were some left over from last week. 2 points, woo hoo! There are still some mickey premium bars left but today, I’m not even tempted to have one. No thank you!

I thought yesterday would be a challenge for me but it wasn’t. Yesterday was Lila’s first birthday so Anna threw her a party. Birthday cake is sooo good and pretty much my favorite thing in the world. And I went without eating before. I wanted to at least have popcorn or something before we left but we were really pressed for time. So Kyle and I get over there and there were 2 huge trays of fruits and veggies!!! Woo Hoo!!! Yay! Thank you Anna!! (Out of body experience right now, who am I?! a week ago I would have never been excited about a fruit and veggie tray. In fact, I would have been upset there wasn’t more junk food.) So I filled my plate with them and ate them up! I sat at a chair, pulled out my phone, and tracked everything as I ate it. C’mon that is commitment!! Fruits and veggies at a party and taking the time to write down every little thing I ate. Including the diet coke I drank. I know dc is 0 points but I want to track when I drink it. I track EVERYTHING! Good for me!!

So after the party, Kyle, mom, and I went to Whole Foods for a cooking class on how to make sushi. This is my third class and they’re great. This class was only $5 and it was nice to have people to go with me. This was also the first class that I’m going to that you get to make the food too! We ended up making a lot of food! We first made California rolls. The way we’re used to in America. They had avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab in them and they were sooooooo delicious!! I only had 2 because I wanted to save the others and I wanted to make sure I watched my portions. I didn’t want to eat the entire first one and not be able to try the other stuff we would make. I’m so awesome. So then we made sushi maki which is traditional Japanese way of making sushi. The seaweed is on the outside, about half the rice, and they’re much smaller but… still just as good!! I didn’t think I’d like it without all the rice but it was really good and half the points! The third thing we made was cone sushi. It was different. You wrap the seaweed like a cone. Not sure if it will be made again because people were having trouble eating it. Cool idea but not too practical.

After class Kyle and I both left with a box full of sushi and a new love for the Japanese food! The possibilities are endless!! So we shopped around Whole Foods to buy the materials we need. First thing on the list was seaweed. WOW! It was $22 for 50 sheets! That’s expensive! But it’s 25 meals for me and Kyle so it was worth it, especially if it will get us to eat healthier. Then we got brown rice vinegar. That’s what makes the rice sticky. We are going to make them with brown rice at home. And then we got the mats to roll them and they came with rice spoons.

Kyle and I were driving home all excited about our new sushi making skills and we were so excited, we decided to go to Publix and get more stuff. We got edemame, sweet potatoes, and wasabi. Then I got strawberries and fat free cream cheese to make dessert sushi! I’m excited to try that! That class was honestly the best $5 I’ve ever spent! I can’t wait to eat healthy and impress our friends with our new skill!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Unpublished Blog- finally published

So today is day 2 of Weight Watchers and I’ve been great so far. This week was a really tough week to begin eating healthy because it’s trainer appreciation week. Yesterday there was a basket of candy. GOOD candy! Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, starbursts, and I mean they are big bars too! I would have easily had a least 2 a day in the past but now, I’m not having any. I could of course work maybe half of a bar in to my points but honestly, I don’t even want to. I’m so proud of myself for saying no and I want to be able to go home and tell Kyle that I avoided a temptation. I told him that sometimes I will need a “great job!” here and there. He’s the best though. He’s so supportive and I think that’s what will get me through my really tough days.

Today at work though, we picked up 15 cases of mickey premium bars, 5 cases of strawberry bars, and 1 case of mickey ice cream sandwiches. OMG! When I joined WW on Monday, I knew this day of blissful ice cream was coming and I thought for sure I would have to have at least one. I could make it work somehow. Well the day’s here. And I’ll admit that I did go over to the freezer cause I wanted to know what the nutrition label said… 330 calories, 22 g fat, 2 g fiber which is a whopping 8 points, for that small bar of ice cream. Now, I do LOVE Mickey Premium bars and will probably have one in the future but I was thinking about how unspecial it is to eat it at my desk in the office by myself. I won’t enjoy it as much as I would if I was at the parks with Kyle. So I have decided to not have one. And I don’t really feel deprived. I’m more proud of myself for not having one than I would enjoy eating it.

So here I sit at my desk, with my Campbell’s Select Harvest Light Southwestern- Style Vegetable soup and 98% fat free hot dog with whole wheat/grain bun. It doesn’t sound exciting but honestly, I’m enjoying it. I am so proud of me!!