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Monday, September 27, 2010

Will this will power last?!

So I have been really great about the Mickey Premium bars in the freezer but then last night, when I was the only one left in the bungalow, I wanted to sneak one so badly. Who am I sneaking from? The answer is myself. But it was just weird that that was my first thought as soon as the last person left. I even went as far as going to the freezer to look at them. I fortunately stuck to my guns and didn’t have one but I was still disappointed that that’s the first thing my mind went to. That’s a behavior/thought I will need to change. Imagine I lost a few pounds, doing well, then the pounds start to plateau and I am getting discouraged. I don’t think I would have been able to stay away if that was the case. Well, good that I realize it so I can start changing.

Last night I made my mom’s lentil soup. SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!! The recipe called for 1lb of hot Italian sausage, OMG! That would have killed the soup on points! So I omitted it and instead threw in some more lentils. And then I added some chili powder cause it didn’t have the kick I like without the sausage. Oh man it is so good!! I guess it would be good too with a pound of ground turkey but I love it just as it is. It makes 10 cups. I put it in 5, 2 cup containers and their each 2 points and very filling. 6 of the items in the recipe are filling foods too! I can’t wait to have it on cold nights but until then, I’ll eat it at my desk with the fan on.

So I got really great news yesterday that Thaty is going to the WW meeting with me today!!! She said that after seeing me so excited, passionate, and motivated about the program she just had to join. That makes me feel really good! That motivates me to keep going too. I understand that the Monday meeting isn’t convenient for her and that’s okay if she’s not there but I just love knowing someone’s in the same boat as me. We can share recipes and tips. And also call each other in times of need. Like when I really want a mickey premium bar. :)

Today I went for another 25 min bike ride around the studios with the office. Franklin didn’t come this time so I played the role of out of shape fat girl. I don’t know what it was about today but I was huffing and puffing before we even got to the half way point. And I was really, really far behind Theresa and Jason. I got a little discouraged but then I remembered that I did it yesterday, I can do it today. I also thought about how proud of myself I would be when I was done. So I kept going. I didn’t care that I was so far behind because I was at least out there and biking the same distance as the others. I really did want to quit soo badly! But I did it! My legs were like jell-o afterwards but I did it.

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