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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Four and Going STRONG!!! pt.2

So the office is boring and slow today and I didn’t get to ride my bike today cause we parked backstage so I asked the office if they wanted to go for a bike ride. Surprisingly, they all said yes! No one ever wants to bike with me! So we left gathered up some good bikes and rode all the way to Fantasmic, up over that nasty hill, and down the other side to Oscars. Then we turned around and went the other way, up the other hill. My legs started to burn on that second hill. As we’re headed back to the bungalow, I said “Let’s keep going to costuming”. So we did! We biked to costuming and right around the LMA area I was getting pretty tired. I was winded and starting to sweat but I kept going cause I just thought about how much better this is than sitting and doing nothing at my desk. We made it all the way to costuming and then back to the bungalow. When we got back we realized we were gone for 25 mins! That’s so awesome!! And… they all said they would go with me again tomorrow!! It’s nice to have someone that wants to bike with me! It’s such great exercise. Woo hoo!

So after the bike ride I drank 4 glasses of water. I wasn’t too hungry at first but about an hour ago I got snack hungry. I have 94% fat free popcorn on my desk and carrots and cucumber in the fridge. I thought for sure I would go for the popcorn but I went for the cucumber. Who am I?! It’s funny that you can sometimes even surprise yourself. I mean really, I love popcorn and it doesn’t feel like diet food but I never thought I would pick the cucumber instead. I REALLY hope these awesome habits stay!

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