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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Four and Going STRONG!!!

I’m enjoying another strawberry bar today. Fortunately there were some left over from last week. 2 points, woo hoo! There are still some mickey premium bars left but today, I’m not even tempted to have one. No thank you!

I thought yesterday would be a challenge for me but it wasn’t. Yesterday was Lila’s first birthday so Anna threw her a party. Birthday cake is sooo good and pretty much my favorite thing in the world. And I went without eating before. I wanted to at least have popcorn or something before we left but we were really pressed for time. So Kyle and I get over there and there were 2 huge trays of fruits and veggies!!! Woo Hoo!!! Yay! Thank you Anna!! (Out of body experience right now, who am I?! a week ago I would have never been excited about a fruit and veggie tray. In fact, I would have been upset there wasn’t more junk food.) So I filled my plate with them and ate them up! I sat at a chair, pulled out my phone, and tracked everything as I ate it. C’mon that is commitment!! Fruits and veggies at a party and taking the time to write down every little thing I ate. Including the diet coke I drank. I know dc is 0 points but I want to track when I drink it. I track EVERYTHING! Good for me!!

So after the party, Kyle, mom, and I went to Whole Foods for a cooking class on how to make sushi. This is my third class and they’re great. This class was only $5 and it was nice to have people to go with me. This was also the first class that I’m going to that you get to make the food too! We ended up making a lot of food! We first made California rolls. The way we’re used to in America. They had avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab in them and they were sooooooo delicious!! I only had 2 because I wanted to save the others and I wanted to make sure I watched my portions. I didn’t want to eat the entire first one and not be able to try the other stuff we would make. I’m so awesome. So then we made sushi maki which is traditional Japanese way of making sushi. The seaweed is on the outside, about half the rice, and they’re much smaller but… still just as good!! I didn’t think I’d like it without all the rice but it was really good and half the points! The third thing we made was cone sushi. It was different. You wrap the seaweed like a cone. Not sure if it will be made again because people were having trouble eating it. Cool idea but not too practical.

After class Kyle and I both left with a box full of sushi and a new love for the Japanese food! The possibilities are endless!! So we shopped around Whole Foods to buy the materials we need. First thing on the list was seaweed. WOW! It was $22 for 50 sheets! That’s expensive! But it’s 25 meals for me and Kyle so it was worth it, especially if it will get us to eat healthier. Then we got brown rice vinegar. That’s what makes the rice sticky. We are going to make them with brown rice at home. And then we got the mats to roll them and they came with rice spoons.

Kyle and I were driving home all excited about our new sushi making skills and we were so excited, we decided to go to Publix and get more stuff. We got edemame, sweet potatoes, and wasabi. Then I got strawberries and fat free cream cheese to make dessert sushi! I’m excited to try that! That class was honestly the best $5 I’ve ever spent! I can’t wait to eat healthy and impress our friends with our new skill!!

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