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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starting to become routine

So I had trouble waking up again today. I’ve been trying to wake up and get up and to work by 08:30 now. I made it by 8:40 today so not bad. But one thing I’ve been really proud of is that I have been eating breakfast every day. Even though I was so tired this morning and wanted to get to work so I could get home earlier, I still took the time to make sure I planned food for the day and got breakfast ready. I haven’t really had time to make my eggs lately so I’ve been making oatmeal with milk and berries. So good and actually really filling!
Today is Wednesday which is normally my day off but I am at work. Jenn asked if I would change my days off cause there was a MANDATORY meeting today from 1200-1500. A 3 hour mandatory meeting?! What could this be about?! Well we got an email yesterday saying lunch will be provided so now I’m thinking it’s a “thank you” celebration for helping with trainer appreciation last week. Great! I’m sure there will be more mickey premium bars to me to avoid! It’s really nice of them to do this and old Eileen would be really excited about it because of the food but new Eileen is excited for the challenge of seeing how I’ll respond to this challenge. I brought my own lunch (lentil soup! Yummmm!! And a hot dog) plus some snacks for later on in the day. I’m not sure what the lunch is today but this could potentially be the first day that I will be in an awkward social situation because I will be eating my own food. I just need to remember that I am so proud of my decision. I chose to eat healthy today. And I am so awesome for that!! :)

Last night, for whatever reason, when I got home I was starving!! SOOOOO HUNGRY!!!! I haven’t felt that way since I joined WW. I tried my best to make good decisions for dinner. All the chicken is frozen, rice would take too long to cook, and I needed something now. Also, it was already 7pm. Kyle and I are doing our best to try and not eat so late. I was so hungry I even went as far as looking at the nutrition facts at Chic Fil A. OMG! It would have been 18 points for nuggets and fries. Kyle wasn’t much help cause he really wanted Chic Fil A too. He said I should get the kids meal so it would be fewer points. I would still be hungry though. And I don’t need that bad food, especially not in the beginning. So I said no, we’re going to make a pizza! (I’m proud of myself though for not actually going to Chic Fil A and then finding out what the nutrition values are. I at least looked online first. And btw, a large cookies and cream shake which I have enjoyed on many occasions…. 19 POINTS!!! WOW!!!! Maybe I’ll just have a sip of someone else’s if I’m having a craving!)

So I got out the whole wheat pizza crust (15 points for the whole thing! Not bad when you cut it into slices!) and the sauce (very low in points, maybe 1 pt. for the whole thing) and the fat free cheese. Then Kyle suggested we put veggies on it. I am NOT a fan of veggies on pizza. To me, pizza’s a pig out food, no veggies! Gross! To me that’s like putting fruit on desserts. What’s the point of having dessert then if you’re going to put healthy stuff on it! But I thought, this is new Eileen and I am going to put veggies on my pizza. Kyle spread the sauce and cheese while I cut up green pepper and onion. I loaded my half up with the veggies. You could for sure tell which half was mine. I even asked Kyle to put a little more sauce on my half cause I wanted the tomatoes. Well as I’m taking the pizza out of the oven it smelled heavenly! (btw- I had a bag of popcorn while waiting for the pizza to curb my starvingness into hunger.) I never thought that I would think veggies on a pizza would smell good! NEVER! So I cut it up in to slices and thoroughly enjoyed my 2 slices! So delicious! I also really seasoned it up with thyme, garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper. Then for dessert I had Publix ice cream that’s made with Splenda and a little whipped cream on top. It was only 2 points! I ate the ice cream right out of the measuring cup. So all in all a great night, even though I was starving when I got home. It’s all about knowing how to handle those situations.

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