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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starting to become routine- pt. 2

Jenn said to me was “we at least have fruit”. I appreciated that she was looking out for me. But I really kept thinking about how proud I was of my decision to eat better. So as people were in line for tacos, I made my way over to the microwave to heat up my soup. It wasn’t awkward at all. But I was prepared for when we all sat down to eat, that’s when it would be obvious that I had something different. I didn’t know what to say if someone asked though. I really thought that the ladies from F&B would say something. They have a comment about everything. It would have been something simple like “Eileen, why you ain’t eating tacos?” I didn’t know what to say back. I mean really I wanted to say “well I have made a change in my life and I care about what I eat” but I obviously wouldn’t say that out loud at least. So I’m going to ask Thaty what she thinks she would say in that situation.

Thaty said I should just say “I’m on a diet” or “I was really looking forward to what I brought for lunch”. I think that’s what I’ll say. Either of them works and really, it’s none of their damn business.

So here are a few things that I am looking forward to losing weight for:
  • Crossing my legs

  • Having more stamina with Kyle

  • Fitting in my clothes better

  • Having a slimmer face

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