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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have to stay motivated

Well I made the mistake of buying a scale. I really wanted to get it to motivate me and also to help Kyle track his progress cause he’s eating better too. Well I get it home, put the batteries in, and then debated to get on or not. I mean, I honestly want true excitement on my face on Monday when they tell me how much more I lost. I was hoping for 2-3 pounds and then I’d be all excited with Thaty cause she’ll lose too. This was the vision in my head. Well I just couldn’t resist seeing the results of how well I’ve been doing so I got on the scale. It said 242. I thought there is no way! It has to be wrong. So I tried again. 238.8, then 238.6, then back to 238.8. I peed. 238.4. Really?! How could I have not lost anything?! Nothing at all??? What did I do wrong?? I have changed everything about the way I eat. All I can do is hope my scale is wrong and that I don’t get discouraged because of the number.

I can’t lie and say I’m not upset or feeling down about myself because I am a little. But I have not lost all hope. Thank god for Thaty! She is really keeping me in this WAY more than she knows. I just have to keep eating well, keep tracking what I eat, and read more success stories on the WW website. Those really motivate me. People went through divorce and still came out great. I’m in a super happy and loving relationship, easy job, and good life, there’s no reason I can’t do this. C’mon Eileen!! You got this in the bag!! You can do it!!! :):):):)

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