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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching Up Since June

Interesting... I just looked over my last blog. I didn't blog at all in July. I've been very frustrated as my weight loss has slowed down. So much so that I'm actually up since my last blog. I have been up and down and currently I'm at -69 lbs. I've gotten so frustrated that I didn't even weigh in one week. I knew it would be a gain and I just couldn't bear to see it. I was feeling motivated and I felt that I would get down on myself when I saw a '+' on my weight tracker.

Well after not weighing in last week, I weighed in on Monday and lost 0.6. Of course I would normally be excited about this but I'm frustrated because I did so incredibly well. I did so much activity!! I ran, took Zumba, Body Pump, and earned a lot of APs on my pedometer at work. I also tracked everything I ate. I even felt like I ate more than usual but that's common with so much activity. (I earned 88 APs for the week.) I even went to an extra meeting last week. Kerri wasn't there on the usual Monday meeting so I went to see her on Friday morning. I needed that meeting. According to the scale, I was up 2 lbs and I was out of ideas. I talked to Kerri about my week and she tried to analyze what's going on. After asking a few questions she felt like she figured it out. I may be eating too much fruit. It's nice having the fruit be free but I need to eat it in moderation. She suggested that I look into counting the points of fruit or cutting back. For the rest of the week I cut back and told myself I would count the points of any more than 3 servings of fruit. After Friday, I even felt like I had started losing again. So I could have possibly lost almost 2.5 lbs last week but only 0.6 since my last weigh in. I'm not frustrated enough to stop though! I'm in it to win it!

I worked out like crazy last week and I absolutely loved it!! I wish I had time to work out like that all the time. The problem is though, my running is beginning to suffer. I usually average a 9'30"-10' mile but at the end of last week, I was at13.5' miles! I need to shift my focus to running as I have 3 races coming up. Besides, I won't have the time to go to so many classes in the future. I closed every night last week so there were more classes available to me. I read Runner's World and they always talk about how important it is to take it easy during your runs, slow down, and cherish extra rest days. I always thought 'they're crazy! I wish everyday was rest day. I'm tired and lazy and it takes all I have just to get out the door to start my run.' This week I understood what they meant. I made myself take a rest day on Friday and be okay with walking during some of my runs. I ran today after 2 days of rest and I averaged a 12' mile. Looks like I'm coming back!

The races I'm preparing for are the Wine and Dine Half Marathon (10/01), Space Coast Half Marathon (11/27), and the Walt Disney World Marathon (01/08). Yes... Marathon. Not half marathon... but a full 26.2. I ran 7 miles the other day and felt like I was going to die. Of course I was running at noon and it was close to 100 degrees outside but I was just miserable. I could barely run 7 miles, how am I going to run 26.2??? I try to picture myself at mile 17... It feels impossible. But of course, just a few months ago I would have said the exact same thing about 1 mile but today I posted to Facebook that I had a great little run. That little run was 4 miles. I am a new person. I am amazing!

I have to share my new favorite recipe! It's honestly the easiest recipe ever! It's full of protein and carbs; great for an after workout meal.

Chickpea Curry
ingredients: can of chickpeas, can of diced tomatoes with green chilies, 8 small gold potatoes quartered, can of vegetable broth, 1 Tbsp of curry, 1 Tbsp of coriander, 1 Tbsp of cumin, and if you like it spicy 1 Tbsp of Cayenne otherwise just a few dashes.

directions: Add all ingredients in a med/large saucepan over med/high heat. Cook for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender. Serve over brown rice.

The recipe says it makes 4 servings but I only at 1/2 cup of the curry at a time which came out to 8 servings. It's 2 points for the Chickpea Curry and 2 points for brown rice. Awesome and really delicious meal!!

Yesterday Kyle and I went to Universal Studios. We had a great time! I was prepared and brought 2 meals and lots of snacks. I felt very satisfied with what I brought despite all of the temptation. I came so close to having ice cream. It started raining, I was soaked and just wanted to sit inside somewhere. I even got the okay from Kyle to have ice cream. It was raining so hard so we didn't make it to the ice cream place right away. We just sat in a restaurant for cover. After thinking for a bit, I told Kyle that I didn't want the ice cream anymore. I was proud of my decision but secretly still wanted the ice cream. Once the rain let up a bit, we started walking again and walked past the ice cream shop, it was closed. Ice cream was not meant to be. I'm so glad it was closed. We ended up going home and I survived the whole day with just the food I brought. Well, with the exception of Butterbeer. It was a planned splurge. Well, for the most part. Kyle bought me my own not knowing I just wanted to share. It was so delicious! I of course could have drank half than thrown it away but it was just so delish!! I had the whole thing, and then looked up the points. I assumed it would be 20 points. I found a recipe online that included that nutritional facts, after doing the math I found out that Butterbeer is 19 points. What a deal! lol It was a lot of points but it was planned for, so worth it, and I have a whole week to burn it off. I would do it again so that makes it worth it.

I think that's all that's been going on. I'm sick of plateauing. I'm so super motivated right now. I feel that upping my activity has helped a lot. Not just increasing my activity points but when I work out, I'm less likely to splurge. I feel like I don't want to waste my work out on crap food so I'm more likely to eat well. I WILL lose again this week!

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