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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

70 pounds GONE!!!!

Fortunately I lost that 4.2 that I gained. I knew it had to have been something weird.I actually lost 4.6. I'm thinking it was because I was sick and my body was just out of wack. But, even though I lost I had a horrible week. I had absolutely no self control! I even ate ice cream right out of the carton. I tracked it all though. For the first time, I ate all of my dailies, weeklies, and even ate a few of my activity points. The only activity I got was from my run on Wednesday and from walking at work. What's weird though about my eating was I would have a great breakfast, great lunch, I would eat crap, and then have a great dinner. So it was the 4-6 o'clock time that's an issue and it's when Kyle's not here. I talked with a friend about it and we realized it's probably boredom. So on Friday after work I went grocery shopping and did stuff around the house. I didn't eat anything bad! I stayed in control. Same thing for Saturday and Sunday. I'm glad I realized where the issue is and hopefully I can work on that and keep doing well.

Well I had strep throat about 2 weeks ago and was on antibiotics for 10 days. 2 days after I finished the medicine I woke up sick again. I went to the doctor on Sunday, I have mono. :( I haven't been on the scale since Kyle hid it and I'm okay with it now. But, I had to get on the scale at the dr's office. I was up 3 pounds. I deserve it. And at least I would be prepared for my meeting on Monday. Plus, it seems like I gain when I'm sick.

Monday I woke up even more sick. I just felt miserable. I called in to work. I laid down on the couch all day and watched Cheers on NetFlix. (I can't get enough!) I debated going to the meeting because I felt so crummy. I even debated if I wanted to weigh in this week at all. But I thought about how dedicated I am and I have to go. So I did. Kyle drove me cause he's the world's greatest boyfriend. I knew I was sick cause on the way over I was thinking how I didn't care if I gained or lost, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Meetings are like Christmas to me! I'm usually so excited to go.

I went to weigh in and the receptionist says "wow! you did it! 70 pounds!" I just stood there in shock. There's no way. I asked her to check again. And she showed me, sure enough... I lost 1.2 lbs!!! I've lost 70.6 lbs! I'm still in shock as I type this. It was sweet cause the receptionist got flustered and was so excited for me. It made me realize just what a big deal this really is. Wow! 70 lbs gone! That's the average weight of a 10 year old child! Gone. 70 pounds gone! I feel so excited and determined to keep going! Now if only I could start feeling better and kick this cold!

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