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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It Must Be My Scale That's Broken

Well I'm pretty frustrated. I have been eating so well! I've been craving terrible things and I've been avoiding them and finding better alternatives. After 2 weeks of eating really well... the scale's not budging. :( I haven't been working out that much, I know I can up that, but I didn't work out at all my first 4 months on WW and I lost a lot. I should say though, it's not just the scale, I'm not seeing it or feeling it on my body either.

I haven't lost hope though. I'm still so determined! I want to, no, HAVE TO lose this weight. I want to be healthy. Well, speaking of healthy, I feel much better the last 2 weeks. So I know that something inside of me is changing. Maybe it's because I've stopped eating animal products. I haven't eaten any meat or cheese since 3.15.2012. I've had very little dairy because it's very difficult to avoid completely.

I'm watching a documentary on obesity. Hopefully this will keep me inspired. It's called Killer at Large: Why Obesity... It's pretty good so far.

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