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Friday, April 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm done gaining weight back so I finally made it back to a WW meeting for the first time since February. I still miss my original Monday night meeting but I need to find another meeting that can be my constant. So I went to check out a meeting earlier this week. To protect the innocent I will not say any times but let me tell you... this was NOT my meeting! Wow! Let me start from the beginning. Walking in to the WW center felt weird because it had been so long. Obviously I was nervous to face the scale because I know what it's going to say and I'm not happy with it. I used to walk in and have it feel like a second home cause I would know so many people inside but this time I didn't know anyone. I walked up to the receptionist and I warned her that it's been awhile for me but I'm back. And I also warned her I know the scale's up so don't be alarmed. I was right. My lowest weight was in Oct. and it was 167. When I stepped on the scale this week it was 190. Yikes! I knew it would be that high but it's still tough to see. One of the biggest driving forces for me to go back to WW was, I never want to go back to the 200's again. So I went in just in time. After weighing in and being welcomed back, a woman walks around the corner. I say hello to her because I remember her as a member from my old meetings. I remember her talking alot and she kinda annoyed me. Well, guess who the meeting leader is... I decided to stay cause I certainly needed the meeting and maybe she'd be a great leader! I walked in to the meeting room and I rounded out the group to 5 people. I'm used to it being SRO in Kerri's meeting so this was a shock to me. 3 more people came in at the last minute but it was still weird having such a small group. The leader begins the meeting and is telling us a story about her sister complaining that she gained weight on vacation. She had us write down the advice we would give if our sister came to us with the same complaint. Her directions were really vague at first so everyone was confused. Then we just kinda moved on, it was weird. Later she was talking about how there are 'ups and downs' and she told us "like for example, today this woman came in to weigh in and she was so sunburnt! Burnt to a crisp. She had to step on the scale like this," and she mimed cautiously stepping on a scale. Then said "so there's always going to be ups and downs. It's important to eat lots of colors in your meals..." I was so confused! What does the sunburnt lady have to do with 'ups and downs'?! Then she started talking about how she was reading a blog and she just doesn't get it why people would want to blog. Big lesson for her to learn... you never know who you're talking to! Watch what you say. (The 2 ladies sitting behind me need to learn the same lesson. Before the meeting they were talking about vegetarians and they said "you need to be careful of that soy stuff." then they continued to share food ideas like low point bars and cookies. People crack me up.) Anyways so my leader is talking about reading this blog on the WW site and she said the blogger kept talking about this thing called P Interest. She asked if we've ever heard of it. Saying it out loud, I didn't know what she was talking about. Then someone in the back said "Pinterest". Then the other 5 old women tried to explain what Pinterest is to the leader. Everyone was confused and I just sat there quietly cause it was so annoying. Now let me say, it is not a requirement for my WW leader to know what Pinterest is or to love bloggers but, I can't connect with people that are so behind. So that is not my meeting. I will keep searching though. Hopefully I will find another great meeting that will keep me committed to reaching my goal.

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