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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tough... Tough... Week

I don't know what happened. My week last week was close to perfect and this week has been almost my worst. Yesterday, I couldn't even stop myself. It's weird though... I was in an all day meeting yesterday. As we walk in there are Einstein bagels and fruit and yogurt parfaits. Fortunately I already had breakfast so I wasn't starving but I can't lie that I wasn't interested in the goodies. I knew I couldn't have a bagel cause it's totally not worth the points but I was eyeing the yogurt. Fortunately there was a nutrition label on the yogurt, unfortunately it was 8 points plus. I wasn't that hungry but my eyes sure wanted the yogurt. I managed to avoid it.

Later on in the afternoon, after we came back from the lunch break, there were giant chocolate chip cookies and brownies with icing on it. O...M...G... How can I resist this?! I had a friend in the meeting next to me and I told him that I needed his help. I didn't even want a bite because I knew that it wouldn't end there. My friend wasn't much help but fortunately Kyle, the love of my life, texted me and reminded me how close I am to 70 pounds and it's not worth it for one afternoon. I can't believe it but I stayed strong and didn't even have a bite of anything!

And then I got home...

I don't know what happened...

I first ate some baked chips, then some skinny cow ice cream, then some WW ice cream, and another WW ice cream, and then some pop chips, and it kept going on from there...

I didn't even feel guilty. I knew exactly what I was doing but I wouldn't stop. I felt like a rebellious child. And after all the goodies I ate, a friend invited me to dinner. He suggested Uno. I had just gone to Uno the day before with Kyle and was sad I didn't splurge on Pizza Skins. Could I avoid it again? I know that I could have it and work it into my points but after the binge I just had, it wasn't an option.

So I met them at Uno. I debated the spanakopeta. It was just too many points for the day I've had. So I had my usual salad and veggie soup. Fortunately the boys got pizza skins and I was satisfied with a taste.

I still can't believe how out of control I got yesterday. I ended up eating 50 points plus yesterday. My daily goal is 30 so I went way over my goal. I almost never even eat my weeklies and I had already eaten 15 weeklies on Monday so now I only have 14 weeklies left. And on top of all of this, I hadn't earned any activity points. I finally went this morning. I did not want to go at all but I made it there and gave it my all. I didn't hit my pedometer goal at work today but it wasn't a good day at work so it's okay.

I know I've gained so far this week. I'm hoping that I can do well the rest of this week and at least maintain by weigh in on Monday.

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