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Friday, January 14, 2011

And then came three o'clock...

Today was another great on point day. I had to get to work early this morning and I'm never hungry that early so I just grabbed some fruit and a string cheese. Lunch was good too. I had lentil soup and more fruit. Then three o'clock came. That's the time that I get hungry for anything and everything. I am usually still at work at 3:00 so I can control the hunger with the food I brought from home. But today I left work early and was out and about at 3:00. I was dying for fast food. I thought I was over these cravings... What happened to being a strong healthy eater?

I was in Celebration so there were lots of options around. Of course I could always just drive home and eat something healthy and cheaper but what's the fun in that? So I decided that I still wanted to make wise choices with my food selection so I chose Chick Fil A. I know I've talked about Chick Fil A before and I felt safe going there. I know the points plus values of the food. Today I got a medium bowl of chicken soup, 4 piece nuggets, fruit cup, and a small diet coke. It was a great filling meal for just 7 points! Not bad for fast food!

Now I'm off to play more Just Dance 2! I am so sore from playing it the last 3 days but I actually look forward to getting up and moving!

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