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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So yesterday was AMAZING!! I did work extra hard this week and it sure paid off. I didn’t have half of the amount of sugar and carbs I have been having in the past few weeks. I did have some in moderation which was the key, moderation. I figured yesterday’s meeting would be crazy busy. I take the meetings seriously and I wanted to make sure that I had a good seat so I got there early. I got there a little before 5:30 (the meeting starts at 6) and there were only 2 other people there. I was in shock, this is the first Monday of the new year, I figured the line would be out the door! Well so I go in to weigh, I was nervous but really hoping that I did well. I step on the scale and immediately Kerri makes a face like she’s super impressed. She’s so funny though cause she won’t tell you the number until it’s printed on the sticker. (I don’t blame her. Could you imagine she was like, “Oh wow you lost 4 lbs!” You’re all excited and then you look at the sticker and it says that you only lost 0.4. That’s a difference!) Anyways, so my sticker gets put in my book and I go to sit down in the meeting room.
I slowly pulled out the weight tracker and it said -4.8!!!!! WHAT?!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was praying it would be -0.8 or -2 at the most but almost -5lbs this week! Incredible!! I’m still in shock as I write it this morning. I am now just 4 pounds away from getting out of the 200’s. I think that will be the biggest feat for me since I started WW. It’s crazy that I think I could be there in 2-3 weeks!! I’m so happy!
So sure enough, I was right and the meeting ended up being packed. It was SRO. One great surprise was seeing someone new in the meeting. Shirley was one of my Cast Members when I was a Showkeeping Manager and she came in to the meeting. I had no clue but Shirley is a Lifetime Member of WW. I’m so happy to have someone to talk about the program with at work.
Best of all of course was getting to see Thaty and Lucas! I missed them so much! More than I even thought I would. I’m so happy they’re back!!!
Except for Kyle, Sara, and Thaty, I haven’t told too many people about my blog. Last night I told Teresa about my blog. Hi Teresa if you’re reading this. I’ve decided that I’ll talk more about what I eat and share some good recipes. Hopefully they’ll help!

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