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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I finally made it to 40 lbs!

Yesterday was WI for me and I lost 1.6 which put me at a total of 40.8! I am excited! That's how much weight I lost total the last time I lost a lot of weight. I did Atkins when I was 20, discovered booze when I was 21, and after countless nights of bar food/hang over food I gained it all plus more. I've grown up since then and realize that this is going to be lifetime for me and I can't wait to get to 50lbs! That will be huge for me! I feel with the numbers being so big now that I'm going to get more and more excited with each loss!

I haven't been awesome with my eating since WI yesterday. I didn't make wise choices for dinner last night and I ate too much. I still stayed within my points but it was more than a normal night for me. I need to put a stop to this eating after WI just cause I have a whole week ahead. That's one of my goals for this week, to have a regular, on point meal Monday night.

So one really exciting thing that happened this week is I'm going to be offered a promotion at work. (The official call hasn't come through but it will this week.) This means that I will be wearing my own clothes now. (The job I currently have provides a uniform for me.) I've done this job before but it was always temporary so I have professional attire already. I went through my closet to see what I have and realized... the clothes haven't been worn since August when I was 40 pounds heavier. I went through my entire professional wardrobe and the only thing I can still wear is 1 top and 1 pair of pants! That's it! I don't have tons of money to buy a whole new wardrobe but I need clothes to wear to work at least!

I went shopping today with a budget in mind. The clothes I bought today are transition clothes so I need them to last as long as they can. But I'm prepared for them to be too big soon. Kyle went with me because I love his opinion. Usually when I go clothes shopping I just look for the biggest size they have, try it on and hope something fits. There's not much of a variety or style but I got used to that. I've always been overweight. This shopping trip was different. Very different.

Because I had a budget, I was planning on some clothing items to not work out after trying them on in the dressing room. I went to New York & Company as my first stop. I brought a lot of options with me to the dressing room and guess what, everything but one item fit and looked great! This never happens to me! Honestly, I can't think of a time that I had such luck in a dressing room. I got a lot of tops and sweaters and a pair of pants. One of the shirts is slightly too small but I know that it will soon fit and then soon after that be too big so I'm hoping to get a lot of wear out of these clothes before having to get new ones.

I really only needed more pants and then I would be done so I went to Target because I love the way the Mossimo pants fit. I ended up getting 2 pair of pants, another sweater, top, and a dress at Target and they all look great! It's hard to not buy things when I'm so excited everything looks great! What motivation! :)

My friend Ryan got a promotion too so we went out with our boyfriends for dinner and celebrations. I chose the restaurant, a Japanese restaurant named Aji. It's close to our house and delicious! I absolutely LOVE their cheese rangoons! Of course they're fried and not great for you but this is the only place I eat them so I did! :) I also had edamame (If I had to choose one food to live off of for the rest of my life it would be edamame!), miso soup, and cucumber roll maki style with brown rice! This is my absolute favorite meal! And not too bad points wise! My whole meal was 9 points plus. So after a tough night last night and morning this morning (points wise) I turned it around and had a great lunch and dinner. I know I'll do great the rest of the week too!

Oh! And I got Just Dance in the mail today! I did a few dances. I like it and will enjoy playing it but I like Just Dance 2 much better. And then... I think I'm going to join a gym! It's not a regular gym with equipment everywhere, they just have classes. It's expensive but I'm CRAZY excited to do all of them so I think my motivation will make it worth it! The classes they have are pole dancing classes, hoola hoop classes, chair dancing classes, belly dancing classes, and TONS more! I think it sounds so fun! They just moved their location 5 days ago and it's close enough to my house that I'd actually drive out there. Maybe I'll try a class Thursday evening! Woo Hoo!

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