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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tomorrow's Weigh In Day!

I feel like Sunday's Christmas Eve every week because I wait for Monday to come all week. I love weighing in and going to meetings. On Wednesday this week, I counted how many days left until my meeting and was sad that it felt like forever until Monday. But here we are, it's Sunday and I get to weigh in tomorrow. I'm nervous about this one. I'm hoping that I will have lots to share! I know I'll get my SAS charm but will I lose a good amount or better yet get another 5lb star? Fingers crossed! I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!

Kyle and I went food shopping today and we looked at our cart and he said "this looks like a healthy person's cart". It's cause we are healthy! :) It was our cart! We are the healthy people! It was filled with LOTS of fruits and veggies! I love being healthy! But then Kyle brought up a good point. He said people that see us and probably think being healthy is our New Year's resolution. I'm sure they do cause that's what I thought about all the people jogging in our neighborhood. lol. But good for those joggers, I hope they keep up with it!

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