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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I am in Merritt Island celebrating Christmas with the family. Santa was way too good to me but I am very grateful for what I got. I got a lot of things that will help me with WW! Kyle got me a food scale that will also display the nutrition facts of that food! Genius! Kyle's family also got me the WW serving spoon/measuring spoon set. I haven't used it yet but I'm already in love with it. It's a discreet way of measuring my food. I got a WW cookbook and 2 Hungry Girl cookbooks! I'll need them because I also got a new food processor, convection oven, and the big item... a pink Kitchen Aid mixer!! I can't wait to get in the kitchen and continue being healthy!

With all of this positive WW stuff going on, I may have forgotten to mention all of the temptation here in my mom's house. I usually bring my own food here cause it's easier and safer for me. I know that there will be food for me if I bring it. I'm glad I did. Lunch yesterday and today was not healthy but fortunately it wasn't tempting either. It was stuff I don't like so yesterday I had a veggie burger wrap and today I had an egg white omelette sandwich. (The egg white omelette sandwich is the best cause I get a veggie, a dairy, a whole grain, and both of my healthy oils in!) Dinner last night was ham, which I don't like, so dad made me grilled chicken. For a side, the only thing I had was rice pilaf. Not ideal but I figured out the points first, 5, then portioned it at the table. It's my favorite rice so it felt like a splurge.

Then there's dessert... my favorite Christmas dessert is a petifore. Mom has them in the house. I'm still debating if I will have one. I think I can avoid them. I'm not drooling at the site of them and I will survive without them. I'm not depriving myself because if I drive home tonight without having one, I'll be okay. I won't be thinking about it forever. It's still just tough seeing all the goodies. I brought canned pumpkin and gingerbread cookie mix with me so make my own cookies that I can enjoy. They're huge and only 3 points! And super delicious too! While everyone sat down to have desserts last night, I stayed in the kitchen and made my cookies. I didn't want to seem rude but it was just a LOT of temptation for one table! lol

Dinner will be the same as last night for me just because there will be nothing I like or even want. It's fine with me. The chicken was good. I'll only have half the rice though and have carrots too this time. I'm not normally good about eating all of my fruits and veggies while I'm not at work but I've been really good about it this week. The only thing I've slacked on is running. I'm okay with that. I'll just get back in to it with the rest of america next week. :)

Merry Christmas!!

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