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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sara saved the Eve...

Wonderful and unexpected is how I would explain tonight. Complete change of how I'm feeling. Sara called me tonight and finally after like 30 mins of us trying to figure out how to video chat (and an amazing surprise of a video chat with Thaty, Gio, and Thaty's mom!!!!! Seriously the best surprise ever!!!!) Sara and I have been talking all night. This has lifted my spirits so much! I thought this would be the worst night ever cause I'm alone but it's been spectacular being able to talk and see Sara for so long! She's the best. There's a reason she's my right arm.

Just saw the new WW commercial. J Hud looks incredible! It made me think of all the new people that will be at my meeting on Monday and how badly I want to lose this week to be that much more ahead of everyone else. I did have pizza tonight but I made it myself. It was delish and satisfied my craving! It did make me go over my points today but I'm still well within my additional weekly points. I'm so happy. :)

I seriously can't wait for Thaty to get back.... Hurry home Thaty.

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