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Friday, December 31, 2010

Officially an Emotional Eater

So today is New Year's Eve. 2010 has been the best year so far... for sure! I was really looking forward to New Year's Eve. Kyle had an opening shift and I was off. Then Kyle's area is so incredibly short that they needed his help until 1am. So now I'm alone for New Year's Eve now. I'm not upset at Kyle at all because I completely understand that he's actually helping us out cause he's on double time all day today and tomorrow. We can really use the money cause we're looking to buy a house next year. The situation sucks though.

So now I'm just home alone for new year's eve and the first thing I thought was I want to order pizza and eat ice cream. That's what I really want, and really badly too. I will let my will power prevail but this is going to be difficult. I just want anything good for me. I guess this does make me an official over eater. I need food for the house so maybe I'll go to Publix and stock up on stuff like apples and grapes to munch on.

Happy New Year!

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